Yr9 & 10 Resources

We have 4 sets of Year 9 and 10 science assessment resources. This is a set of 17 end-of-topic tests.

Each topic includes a set of learning outcomes/ success criteria plus a end-of-topic test and assessment schedule similar to the NCEA style.

The following topics are included:

Introduction to Science

Earth and Space: Astronomy, Earth Systems.

Physics: Energy, Light, Force and Motion, Electricity.

Biology: Microscopic World, Nutrition and Digestion, Plants and Horticulture,Reproduction and Genetics, Blood, Circulation and Breathing.

Chemistry: Matter, Physical and Chemical Change, Acids, Bases & Metals, Atomic structure and reactions.

The full set retails for $100 + gst or topics can be bought separately for $10 + gst.