Terms & Conditions

Exams 4U Ltd. is designed to provide teachers with resources and practice exams to assist in teaching. We do not intend to provide any exams direct to students. In order to ensure we are sending exams to genuine teachers or schools we may at times query the details provided to us with an order, e.g. confirm the email address, insist on a purchase order number, and/or insist on a finance department email address.

We aim to process all orders and send out exams accurately according to each order. In the event that the exams received from us is not entirely true to the order we expect to be informed by email or phone. Once we are aware of the error we will always endeavour to send any missed exam(s) ASAP.

The exams and resources your school orders and receives are solely for your school’s use. They must not be shared outside of your school.

Every effort is made to produce high quality original exams each year. As with anything, we can never guarantee perfection. We value any feedback received. In the event that errors are found, we will work as fast as possible to rectify the error and notify teachers of the amendment.

Given that each year many schools will be using the same exams for students practice exams we advise teachers to not give students back their exams until week 3 of term 4 each year.  This is to minimise the risk of student's sharing exam information with other students.

It is the expectation that exams are paid for within a month of invoicing. We endeavour to email reminders if invoices are overdue. In the event that we receive an exam order from a school that has an unpaid/overdue invoice, we reserve the right to withhold exams until previous invoices are paid.