When will I receive my exams?
The current year's exams are expected to be ready to send from the beginning of term 2 each year. Orders are able to be made prior to term 2 with the understanding that they won't be ready to send until the beginning of term 2. From term 2 on, when we receive your exam order, we aim to send you the exams within 3 working days. 
How do we pay for the exams?
An invoice will be sent usually within a week of receiving the exams. The invoice will be emailed to the finance/accounts address provided on the order form. The teacher who ordered the exams is able to be copied into this email. 
How will I get my exams?
Exams will be emailed to the teacher as a link. It is expected that you will download the exams and save them. After you have downloaded the exams you are able to edit them if you would like to make any changes.
Am I able to order exams from past years?
You can order past year's exams simply by emailing us your request. There is no order form for these. Past year's exams are $10 +GST per exam. Please provide a purchase order number and finance dept email address in your email. 
Am I able to get exams in PDF format?
Yes, we can send you exams in PDF. Please request this in an email. Most teacher's prefer exams in Word format so they have the ability to edit. We put a lot of effort into producing well formatted exams however if formatting is a problem, PDF's can be a solution.
When can we return marked exams to students?
Given that many schools use our exams for practice exams we advise that exams are not given back to students until at least week 3 of term 4 each year. This is to minimise the risk of students sharing exam information with other students.