We provide quality practice external science examinations.

New original exams are produced each year and are written in such a way as to reflect the NCEA external exams as much as possible. Every question will provide all opportunities (Achieved through to Excellence) and be awarded a mark (Levels 2 and 3).

Each exam is carefully checked against the relevant achievement standard and moderated by another experienced teacher.

This ensures that our exams are providing the best possible preparation and practice for your students.

Subjects Provided

Each exam comes with a complete assessment schedule and sufficiency statement.

Exams are available for Levels  2 and 3. Subjects available are Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Space, and Physics. 
NOTE: Previous year's level 1 exams are also available, but as of 2024 original Level 1 exams are not being produced due to NCEA curriculum changes.

Exams can be ordered at any stage of the school year. All early orders will be sent out at the beginning of Term 2. Exams will be sent electronically to the e-mail address on the order form.

All past Exams4U exam papers are also available for purchase. These are useful for homework or revision exercises and practice tests. To order these simply send us an email request. Past exams are $10 + GST each.