Secondary resources

 New in 2017.These worksheets cover the 3 external standards and 2 internal standards spectroscopy and redox. $120
 Year 9 and 10 science assessment resource.This is a set of 17 end-of-topic tests complete with answer schedules and learning outcomes for each topic. This set retails for $100 +gst and if you purchase this you are entitled to purchase two of our $50 Exams4U resources below for the price of one.
 Produced in October 2012 for the internal chemistry 3.2 standard. Includes a possible lesson overview/scheme, teachers notes, powerpoint presentations, plus a set of worksheets and answers. $50
 Produced in 2009. 19 worksheets with extensive vocabulary lists for each standard. Covers 4 standards 3.3 Genetics 3.4 Plants and animals 3.5 Evolution and 3.7 Human evolution $50
 Produced in 2012. Covering the following new 3 external standards: 2.4 Bonding, structure and energy, 2.5 Organic compounds and 2.6 Chemical reactivity. Set of 19 worksheets which are write-on with complete answers. $100
 A set of 15 NCEA style tests with assessment schedules for each topic. Each topic comes with links to the new curriculum document and contains a full set of learning objectives and learning outcomes. $100
 Produced in 2005. 36 worksheets covering 3.3 Redox, 3.4 Thermochem/particles, 3.5 Organic and 3.7 Aqueous systems $50
 This set of worksheets based on the Level 1 standards introduced in 2011. Each worksheet within a set has a range of questions focusing on a specific aspect of the standard. All worksheets come with a full set of answers. All 6 standards $150 or purchase topics separately
 Science 1.1 Mechanics $30
 Science 1.5 Acids & Bases $30
 Science 1.9 Genetics $30
 Physics 1.3 Electricity and magnetism $30
 Chemistry 1.3 Carbon chemistry $30
 Biology 1.3 Microbes $30
 Produced in 2005. 22 worksheets covering 3.3 Waves, 3.4 Motion, 3.5 Atomic/nuclear and 3.6 Electricity $50
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