Year 9 & 10 science assessment resource (2013). This is a set of 17 end-of-topic tests.

The junior science resource is designed as NCEA style tests with assessment schedules for each topic. Each topic also comes with links to the curriculum document and contains a full set of learning objectives and learning outcomes.This 2013 set includes the two additional topics: Introduction to science and Microscopic world.
The topics covered are:
Learning in science covering laboratory equipment, the bunsen burner, experimental method and fair testing.

Living World:           

Microscopic world, Nutrition and Digestion, Plants and Horticulture, Ecology, Reproduction and Genetics, Blood, Circulation and Breathing.


Physical World:        

Energy, Light, Force and Motion, Electricity


Material World:       

Matter, Physical and Chemical Change, Acids, Bases and Metals, Atomic structure and Reactions.


Planet Earth and Beyond:   

Astronomy, Earth Systems.


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