We  have a new 2013 Year 9 & 10 science assessment resource. This is a set of 17 end-of-topic tests.

The junior science resource is designed as NCEA style tests with assessment schedules for each topic. Each topic also comes with links to the new curriculum document and contains a full set of learning objectives and learning outcomes.This 2013 set includes TWO new topics: Introduction to science and Microscopic world.
The topics covered are:
Learning in science covering laboratory equipment, the bunsen burner, experimental method and fair testing.

Living World:           

Microscopic world, Nutrition and Digestion, Plants and Horticulture, Ecology, Reproduction and Genetics, Blood, Circulation and Breathing.


Physical World:        

Energy, Light, Force and Motion, Electricity


Material World:       

Matter, Physical and Chemical Change, Acids, Bases and Metals, Atomic structure and Reactions.


Planet Earth and Beyond:   

Astronomy, Earth Systems.


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