EXAM UPDATESAt present we have Living World worksheet resources for Primary and Intermediate students which have been produced by experienced teachers. These are designed to be used in conjunction with the Building Science concept books produced by the Ministry of Education, however they can be used as stand alone lessons. The full set retails for $70 + gst or each level for $30 + gst. E-mail info@exams4u.co.nz to order.

They cover the following topics:

Level 1-2

Levels 1-4

Level 3-4

Flowers, Fruits, Seeds

The Air around Us

The Bush

Fresh Food

Animal life Histories

The land changes

Growing Indoor Plants


Making new plants

Is this an animal?



Life between the tides

Fur, Feathers and Bark

Moulds are Fungis


Slugs and Snails

Spiders everywhere!


Soil animals

Spring is a season

Standing up





Tidal communities