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Level 3 Chemistry

This set of worksheets and answers covers the 3 externals standards Atomic structure and bonding, Organic chemistry and Aqueous systems plus 2 internals spectroscopy and redox.  The set will retail for $120 + gst. (produced 2017)

Year 9 and 10 science assessment resource

This is a set of 17 end-of-topic tests which were produced Term 4 , 2013, they are complete with answer schedules and learning outcomes for each topic.

The topics are listed below:

Introduction to science includes laboratory equipment, the bunsen burner, experimental method and fair testing

Biology topics : Microscopic world, Ecology, Plant biology and horticulture, Nutrition and digestion, Blood, circulation and breathing, Reproduction and genetics.

Chemistry topics: Matter, Atomic structure and reactions, Physical and chemical change, Acids, bases and metals.

Physics topics: Energy, Force and motion, Electricity, Light

Earth and Space topics:  Astronomy, Earth systems

This set retails for $100 +gst and if you purchase this you are entitled to purchase any other 2 Exams4U resources for $50+ gst for the 2 !!

Level 3 spectroscopy resource

A resource for teaching the NCEA Level 3 Chemistry standard 3.2 (91388), Demonstrate understanding of spectroscopic data in chemistry. (produced 2012)

There are four main parts to the resource:

A possible lesson overview/plan. Each lesson is broken down into several activities, including notes, links to various useful websites, clips, and exercises.

Teacher notes.These provide extra detail and non-essential background information that may be used to enhance lessons or extend more able students.

Powerpoint presentations. These have the key points for each of the three spectra and outline what it is that the students need to know.

Worksheets.The set of six worksheets (and answers) give students the opportunity to consolidate and practise what they have been learning.The following is an example of one of the worksheets :_2_Infrared_spectroscopy.doc  

Level 2 chemistry worksheets

A set of worksheets for Level 2 chemistry covering the 3 new external standards Chem 2.4 Bonding, structure and energy, Chem 2.5 Organic compounds and Chem 2.6 Chemical reactivity. (produced 2012)

These 19 worksheets are perfect for unpacking the content and practising NCEA type questions and calculations. They are write-on and come with complete answers which can be projected on to screens. The following is an example of one of the worksheets Wk_3_Questions_Covalent bonding networks.doc 

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